Forbbiden love in st. petersburg

A 3D animation project that was made in the course ‘Title Design for Cinema and Television’ during my studies in the department of Visual Communication in Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.
In this project, we were asked to pick a book and create an opening sequence for it, as if it were a TV show.
I chose the book "Forbidden Love in St. Petersburg" written by Mischka Ben-David.
The plotline of the book goes as follow: Yogev Ben-Ari has been sent to St. Petersburg by the Mossad, ostensibly to network and set up business connections. His life is solitary, ordered, and lonely until he meets Anna. Neither is quite what they seem to be, but while her identity may be mysterious, there is no doubt about the love they feel for each other.
The affair, impassioned as it is, is not part of the Mossad plan. The agency must hatch a dark scheme to drive the lovers apart.
So what began as a quiet, solitary mission becomes a perilous exercise in survival. Ben-Ari has no time to discover the truth about Anna’s identity before his employers act. Amid the shadowy manipulations of the secret services, the anguished agent nds himself at an impossible crossroads.
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