A music video for the internationally acclaimed artist ROOSEVELT.
For this project we came up with the idea of Roosevelt trying to give a sign through a synthesizer - as the name of the song is 'Sign'. 
In the video we see ROOSEVELT trying to communicate through all kinds of elements on the synth, including keys, lights, a vhs screen and an oscilloscope monitor.

The working process was also a learning process for me, as for this video clip I didn’t only use 3D but also implemented two different motion design techniques. When I received the brief I knew it’s a project I’d like to take part in. As a visual designer I am always fascinated by the contrast and the effect of combining and mixing different visual languages.
Besides the music video I also created the album artwork and as well 6 covers for the different singles that are being released prior to the album - all revolving around synthesizers.

Creative direction done with C/O MAGICK
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