HaMichra'a - Latrine
A weekly zine about the punk scene in Tel Aviv.
In our times, most of the information about the underground punk/hardcore scene in Tel Aviv is going through the web. Shows are happening in underground and secret locations, The average person living/visiting Tel Aviv would not even notice that there's such a scene happening.
The Latrine is a physical evidence for the vibrant, lively and active scene, the zine can be found in bars, cultural spaces and art exhibitions. 
Bemikreshel (in hebrew: in case of), a collection of 3 zines depicting surreal moments that emphasise the human stupidity, the zines also offer alternative solutions to some of the problems.

Covers of the zines (from left to right)
1. Airplane crashes
2. Darwin Awards
3. How to not forget your child in a car on a summer day
HaMeshorer typeface.
For this project, I went to Trumpeldor Cemetery in Tel Aviv, and created a digitalised stencil version of the carved typography from the gravestone of Hayim Nahman Bialik who passed away in 1934.
Bialik was a Jewish poet who wrote primarily in Hebrew but also in Yiddish. Bialik was one of the pioneers of modern Hebrew poetry.
He was part of the vanguard of Jewish thinkers who gave voice to the breath of new life in Jewish life.
Shulayim (margins).
In this project I was asked
to create the visual identity as well as a series of three biography covers for ‘Shulayim’ ('margins') a ctive publishing house releasing mostly alternative and non mainstream publications.
I chose Sid Vicious,
Joey Ramone and Fat Mike, all pioneers who helped (intentionally or unintentionally) to shape the sound, aesthetics and
approach of punk (and some would even say mainstream) of today.
This project (together with 14 more) was chosen to represent Bezalel Academy of Art and Design at the 28th Jerusalem International Book Fair.
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